The Benefits of Modular Plant Design

By Amy Reyes

Modular Plant Design.PNG

Process plant design relies heavily on custom engineering, and the increasing size and complexity of design projects continues to drive the amount of custom engineering work that is required. Yet despite each plant’s unique requirements, there still seems to be a lot of opportunity for reuse in the design. How can companies reuse existing designs while still making each design unique?

Modular design addresses this by supporting more variation while increasing reuse. Modular plant design strikes the right balance between configuring modular assemblies and engineering something custom-made to meet each plants’ unique needs.

When done right, the benefits of modular plant design are many. Using this approach helps companies respond faster and more accurately to customer requests for quotation (RFQ), accelerate the design process, please customers with unique designs, and apply best practices borne from small numbers of highly experienced experts.

Watch the video below from Lifecycle Insights analyst Chad Jackson to hear his take on why companies pursue modular plant design, and watch the on-demand webinar Modular Plant Design: More Variation, Lower Complexity to learn more.

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