Stuff to do at SEU: Birds of a Feather


At some of the meals this year at SEU, we are going to have special themes for various tables. We call this “Birds of a Feather”. And yes, the notion is that they will “flock together”. So if you want to talk to other users about drafting standards, we have a table for that, and there will be a little banner at the table that will help all yall birds find each other.

Here are the table themes we will have (if we have forgotten some, please comment!)

  • Solid Edge Sychronous Technology

  • Solid Edge Large Assembly Design

  • Drafting Standards and Productivity

  • Solid Edge Special Applications and Engineering Analysis

  • Additive and Engineering Manufacturing

  • Cloud Enabled Solid Edge and CAD Administration

  • Programming in Solid Edge

We know you’re shy, so we’ll have a designated Siemens extrovert to start the conversation at each table ;o) (Geez, we need a designated color for snark…)

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you at SEU and talking shop over lunch!

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