Stuff to do at SEU: Art Patrick on Assemblies

By MLombard

Anyone who knows Art Patrick knows that he knows his stuff, and often demonstrates that in an over-the-top sort of way. You have to keep inventing new superlatives for what he’s able to do with some of the more advanced enhancements from ST7 and ST8 in Solid Edge assemblies.

artpatrickst8.pngIn this video, “Edge Seiki” uses an 11 axis synchronized controller and Art’s special brand of Edge Mojo to demonstrate some of what you can do with this software. Along with some classic Van Halen, of course. Just what you need to get your humpday working.

Art says: “You have to use the API/ to drive it. I’ll call it extra for experts.

What it uses is:
– Limited Update (ST7)
– Path Offset Distance (ST8)
– Adjustable ASMs (ST8)
– Range Relationships (ST8)
– Video Generation API (ST8)

LMD (Laser Metal Deposition) technology is something that I was reading about
and its incorporation of 5-Axis Machining Centers. (Hybrid Manufacturing)
This is real technology available today.

As a guy that used to cut metal (Ex-NC guy) I thought this was really interesting so I modeled
this machine in ST8.

I had this 6 axis robot laying around so I said to myself, “Self, let’s put these together
cause I can LMD parts together and save a lot of time.”

Anyway, the real challenge was figuring out how to Synchronize multiple controls and movement.

If you count the Camera this is a 16 axis machine (5 Axis Mill, 6 Axis Robot, 5 Axis Camera)
When certifying the new release I always like to try and model something.”

If you wanna meet Art, and other Solid Edge magicians, live in the flesh, you have to come to Solid Edge University in October in Cincinnati. I’m sure Art will be giving a couple sessions on stuff that will blow your mind.

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