Solid Edge User Meet India 2023.3 Recap

By Melin Koshy

The most recent Solid Edge User Meet 2023.3 was virtually on Friday, 25th August 2023. This remarkable event was jointly hosted by Excel Design Technologies and Siemens, and it once again demonstrated the exceptional value of this community-driven gathering.

Here are some highlights and field notes from the event:

Engaging and Enlightening Discussions: The primary focus of this User Meet was Solid Edge Assembly Modelling, and we were thoroughly impressed by the depth and relevance of the discussions. The event started with an introduction from the Siemens and Excel Design Technologies team. To add some excitement, an interactive quiz based on Solid Edge was conducted by Mr. Vinit Awaghade from Siemens. The overall sessions were thought-provoking, insightful, and immensely beneficial to users from various industries and backgrounds.

Active Engagement from All Participants: It was great to witness active participation from every attendee. The enthusiasm and willingness to share knowledge and experiences underscored the strength of the Solid Edge user community.

Outstanding Support from Siemens Solution Partner, Excel Design Technologies: Excel Design Technologies once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to user success. Their proactive support and dedication to facilitating meaningful interactions helped to enrich the event.

A Valuable Platform for Knowledge Exchange: The User Meet served as an invaluable platform for users to exchange ideas, innovative techniques, and best practices in Solid Edge Assembly. The diversity of perspectives and expertise was very impressive.

Resolution of Queries and Immediate Support: Just as in previous events, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications. What sets this User Meet apart is the immediate, clear, and helpful responses provided by both fellow users and Siemens team members. It’s a real-time problem-solving arena.

Input for Future Enhancements: We appreciate how the Siemens team actively solicited suggestions for new features and enhancements from the user community. This shows a genuine commitment to evolving the Solid Edge software based on user needs and feedback.

Comprehensive Insights: The insights shared during the event, particularly by Mr. Nirav Shukla’s presentation on Assembly Modelling, were enlightening. It further deepened our understanding of the capabilities of Solid Edge. 

In conclusion, the Solid Edge User Meet 2023-3 – Assembly Modelling edition was a resounding success. It brought together Solid Edge users from various corners of India, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration within the community. We eagerly anticipate future user interactions and the opportunity to engage with the Solid Edge team once again.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Excel Design Technologies, Siemens, and the entire organizing team for orchestrating such an exceptional event. With your permission, we would be honored to share this feedback on your website to inspire and inform others about the benefits of participating in Solid Edge User Meets.

About Solid Edge User Meets

Siemens and Excel Design Technologies organize user meets periodically in India, providing a platform for Solid Edge users to exchange knowledge with others from various industries and regions. These events enable users to learn from each other and discover new ways to maximize their usage of Solid Edge.

About Excel Design Technologies

Excel Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a Siemens solution partner, is a reseller of Siemens Digital Industries Software products in India. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has been focused on providing solutions related to Solid Edge, Simcenter Femap, and Solid Edge CAM Pro software from Siemens.

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