Solid Edge User Meet India 2023.1 Recap

By Imtaz (CDE Asia Limited)
Solid Edge User Meet India

I had the chance to attend the most recent Solid Edge User Meet 2023-1 in India. The event was held virtually and lasted about two hours and provided attendees the opportunity to exchange Solid Edge software knowledge and connect with other users across industries and geographies.

Field notes from the meeting

The event started with an interactive quiz conducted by Mr. Ameya Gole, a Product Designer in the Solid Edge team. The quiz consisted of topics such as 2D/3D sketch, usability, and user interface in Solid Edge. Numerous fun and tricky questions added to the excitement and encouraged us to participate. After the quiz Mr. Nirav Shukla presented some slides and highlighted some of the key points related to usability, and user interface/user experience (UI/UX) in Solid Edge 2023.

Mr. Gole made all the participants very comfortable. He urged us to express our questions, suggestions, criticisms, praises, and observations freely and openly which was really encouraging. This helped all of us to come forward and express our thoughts without any hesitation. During the session, many users raised interesting questions, including myself. Our questions during the session were continuously addressed, which was a great example of why these events are so valuable. We were able to get feedback right away, and more clearly than waiting for someone to respond to a support request.

The team also noted down some of the suggestions from users for new features and enhancements to consider as part of future releases. Mr. Gole gave a thorough demo of the new context toolbar implementation in Solid Edge 2023 that helped us understand how it can increase our daily productivity in the part and assembly environments of Solid edge 2023.

All around, it was such a great virtual meetup with all other users across India! I’m really excited to connect with the team again at our next user meet.

About Solid Edge User Meet

The Solid Edge team here at Siemens Digital Industries Software periodically organizes “user meets” – an online event that serves as an opportunity for Solid Edge users to exchange knowledge with other users across industries and geographies, and to learn how others are getting the most out of Solid Edge.

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