Solid Edge ST6 Sneak Peek: New Reflective Display mode

ST6 “Sneak Peeks” is a way for us to provide Edgers with some of the upcoming functionality that you can expect to see in the next version of Soldi Edge. These are by no means everything that is in the next version of Solid Edge, rather some functionality that our Beta testers found valuable.

A new display mode shows symmetrical reflection of a model so designers can inspect surface quality across areas such as parting surfaces without having to model the symmetric counterpart. This new option mimics geometry mirroring but doesn’t add display overhead to the system and since it automatically updates after any modeling operation, users always have an up-to-date design during adding additional modeling operations. This reflective display mode lets the designer prove out stylized design ideas which can help drive new innovations to market faster.

Here is a short video that illustrates the new display mode.

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“The new reflective display option in Solid Edge ST6 will let us visualize a complete design without having to model the entire product. As we create one half of a part, we can instantly toggle on and off the opposite side. This will let us prove out new design concepts much faster.”

Solid Edge ST6 BETA testing customer
Olivier Pellerin
IT Innovation Manager
Groupe SEB

The official announcement about Solid Edge ST6 will come on day 1 of Solid Edge University. Dan Staples, director Solid Edge Development will provide the Solid Edge ST6 keynote. Today is the last day for the 3 for 2 deal, so make sure to register.

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