Solid Edge Demonstrates AWS Proof of Concept

Solid Edge made a guest appearance at the Amazon AWS re:Invent convention in Las Vegas earlier today.  Amazon invited Solid Edge to demonstrate a proof of concept by demoing Solid Edge on their AppStream service. AWS = Amazon Web Services.Siemens PLM has a partnership with Amazon AWS.Perhaps you saw the demo?  In any case, it is important to clarify that what was demonstrated was Solid Edge being run on an Amazon server and streamed remotely using the AppStream service from Amazon, as a part of an AppStream concept demonstration.

AppStream in conjunction with Solid Edge proposes to deliver the power of Solid Edge to any connected device, on any OS. Tablet. Phone. Desktop. Laptop. iPad. Chrome Book. Android. iOS. Windows. Mac.Because they are just running standard Solid Edge, this may become an additional option, not a requirement, and certainly not a change in direction.

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