SEU14: No More Excuses

By MLombard

cm120306_atlanta_pm_pano_macoc_4048.jpgI know, you’re busy. You live under a rock. Your dog ate your email. You’re worried that they haven’t shoveled all the snow in Atlanta yet. I’ve heard a lot of excuses why people haven’t signed up for Solid Edge University yet. More news keeps breaking loose, and I think you’ve got to be about out of excuses.

Special Room Rate: The first news I want to share is that Solid Edge’s special rate at the Peachtree Plaza Westin are beginning to run low. The special rate is $145, which if you haven’t stayed at a Westin lately, especially a Westin in a major city downtown, this is a great rate. You want to get in on this while there are still rooms available.

Second Keynote Speaker: Anthony Decarolis, the CEO of Alpha Omega talks about how his company used Solid Edge to develop a technological breakthrough in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Subscription Discount: Monthly subscription (rental) is a great way to supplement your engineering and design workforce for brief periods. With every paid SEU14 registration, your company will get 50% off of the first month of a Solid Edge subscription. Details to follow, and promotion code will be given out at the event.

Free 3DSync with paid SEU Registration: Having an extra license on hand for various tasks is always handy. For every paid SEU14 attendee, Solid Edge will give you a free 3DSync license.

SEU 3 for the price of 2: The best deal of them all is getting 3 users in to SEU14 for the price of 2. If you combin all these deals, it’s clear that we really want to see you in Atlanta this year. And with all the valuable information and contacts you’ll bring home, you really can’t lose.

Solid Edge University 2014

Atlanta Peachtree Plaza Westin

May 12-14



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