RuleStream for Solid Edge now Available

By MLombard

I’ve been a big fan of Engineer To Order software and processes for a long time. In certain industries, you’ve got to be on this bus, or you’ll find yourself under it one day.

Engineer to Order goes under a number of names, but it is essentially when you have a line of products that can be resized or reconfigured based on some easily changed parameters. For example your company might create steam processing plants. You might offer a standard plant, but then be able to scale up or down based on output, or based on high salinity input. You might have to add some standard pre-engineered components, or offer a portable version, or a number of variations based on your standard designs.

ETO saves you from re-engineering the same jobs again and again. The process can start right from the salesman talking to the customer, and can prepare quotes, or go all the way through creating drawings for a finished product and all the components. .

RuleStream is an ETO package that has been around for a while already, and it has been owned by Siemens PLM for the past 3 years or so. I took training on RuleStream more than 11 years ago. It wasn’t absolutely necessary to have programming skills to set up Rulestream, but it would have helped significantly. 


Check out the RuleStream website.


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