Prepare for the Next Rendering Contest

By MLombard

keyshottbucket1pngI’m a little late with this, but we’re going to get started with the July rendering contest in a couple of days.

The model…is better than the last one for rendering. The top prize… well, I can’t tell you what it is yet, but it’s worth a bit more than last month’s.

I’ll have this T-bucket model available for download in a couple of days, and you’ll be able to add your own personal style. I expect to see amazing use of decals, wheel blur, and  – after Bob upped the ante in the last contest – human figures. Bob shared his secrets, so now you all know.


I created this model in ST8, so I’ll provide the download in Parasolid. My sample rendering was done in Keyshot 5.3 for Solid Edge, which comes bundled with Solid Edge. You can also probably count on me reusing some of the parts from this model in some future blog posts, as examples of some of the techniques I came across while building it.

So keep an eye out for the notice that the model is ready for download. Let’s have some fun in July and turn up the hot rod heat. And then of course there’s that mystery prize that will also be announced shortly. Where would you take the Solid Edge T-bucket for a road trip?



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