Notes from the Field: Continuing the Solid Edge Pune Users Meet Series

By Sid_Pune

Hello, all! I wanted to report on the most recent Solid Edge User Meet held in Pune, India on Wednesday, November 29, 2017. This time, 17 Solid Edge users from seven companies attended the meet. The participating companies were – Kam-Avida, Kalson Engineering, Aashai Technologies, 3M Software, Forbes Marshall, AutoApps Engineering Solution and Thermax.

The event built on the success of the previous meet, but with some significant differences. In the last user meet, we saw a lot of people sharing their ways of using various commands, as well as their success stories. This user meet saw focused discussions on parameterization/design automation and APIs.

The meet started with a short self-introduction by the users. Some were experienced, while some were fresh. The users were from a varied product background, from product development to automotive to heavy engineering products. Each one had a story to tell!

Pune Meet Up 1.jpgUsers gather at a Solid Edge Pune Users Meet event

Ashish Kelkar from Aashai Technologies demonstrated how his team is using Solid Edge for Inverse Kinematics of Robotic Arms. This technique enables them to precisely define the geometry and positioning of the Robotic arms. Merging this technique with some specially developed API’s further enhances the software capacity and it is possible to generate programs that can be directly linked to the Robotic arms or CNC’s. Similar inbuilt APIs in Solid Edge can also help in enhancing the designing capabilities.

Ashish also shared that some APIs will be very helpful, mainly for the sheet metal industry:

  • API for developing irregular surfaces in Sheet metal

  • API for recognition of sheet metal features like louvers, bosses etc. from converted files

  • API in drafting to automatically match the sheet scale

All in all this session was an eye-opener to the vast possibilities one can harness by using APIs.

There were also discussions on the new functionalities in Solid Edge. Highlights are:

  • Design Manager: This was earlier known as revision manager. There is a drastic change in the look and feel of the tool. Features like “Pack and Go” have enhanced the functionality of this tool and help in making this an end to end solution for file transfers.

  • Interpart linking: Though this is not a new function, many users are not aware of the correct use of this tool. Manish Pawar from Kam-Avida demonstrated how they use interpart linking to achieve design flexibility.


Parameterization and design automation were also a point of discussion. Many users had done parts and assemblies using parametric programming and many topics were discussed, mainly focused on linking the data with the models.

Siddu Jirankalagi from AutoApps Engineering Solution shared some issues they were facing in parameterizing large assemblies and handling patterns. Siddharth Bhide and Ravikiran Bhosure from Thermax shared their views and learnings, and suggested solutions.


We also discussed some of the enhancements that have been introduced in ST10, like Generative Shape design, and BiDM (Built-In Data Management).

As always, we remind users that while forums like user meets are a great place to share learning, issues should be submitted through GTAC so that the software becomes more robust for everyone.

The program ended with tasty snacks and juices.


This event series is a very nice initiative where we all can come together and see how users are harnessing the software capabilities. In such forums, you realize that other users have found solution for the design challenges that you are facing, or vice versa. Sharing these help each and every user to learn and apply the solutions and simplify their day-to-day processes.

For the next meet, the group decided that it will be much more productive if users come up with small presentations in advance on how they are utilizing the software to enhance productivity and also any issues they are facing. This will help in creating a focused and interactive environment.

We have finalized Wednesday, February 28, 2018, as the date for the next meet in Pune, India; if you’d like to attend, please send an email to Mr. Ganpat Dhanavade at


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