New Greenpower F24 Spilt Chassis Kit

The new Greenpower F24 kit has arrived!

For those of you not familiar with Greenpower, it’s a program dedicated to promoting engineering and technology to students from ages 9 to 25. As part of the engineering challenge, student groups design, build, and race a single seat electric car – a unique hands-on opportunity to engage in engineering.

The Greenpower F24 kit-car is available as a physical kit for purchase or a free digital download. The download contains all the part and assembly files that make up the car, including the rolling chassis, batteries and motor.

Chassis thumbnail_tcm1023-255789.jpg

In this new version of the kit, the chassis has been redesigned to be bolted together just in front of where the driver would sit. All this to aide in the size of shipping the car. This will NOT weaken the car as it is assembled together with nine bolts giving almost the same structural rigidity as the original chassis.

The split chassis front and rear is still included, along with a new two piece floor to accompany the split, a more plug-n-play wiring harness to ease in the wiring, and all the same great parts that come with the standard chassis.

The car will still be in the kit chassis classification for all races as the modifications were done by Greenpower.

You can request the physical version of the kit from your Greenpower representative.

You can also download the Solid Edge CAD model of the new split chassis at any time! In addition to the updates mentioned above, it also includes fixed configuration files and a cleaner pathfinder to aid in showing and hiding parts. All that is required to view the model is Solid Edge ST9 or later. As always, the student version of Solid Edge is available for download completely FREE, along with the CAD model! You can also find additional resources and tutorials on the Solid Edge Greenpower page.


We’re looking forward to continuing to support the Greenpower program—see you at the races!

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