Introducing Jon Sutcliffe’s insight on FloEFD and Solid Edge

By MarianneStokes

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Time is something we could all use more of, but what if in 20 minutes you could learn a simple technique that will help drastically improve your designs from the start?Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Product Designers is a webinar that is sure to make you and your colleagues stand up and take notice.

Developed and presented by Jon Sutcliffe, Director of Global Technical Business Development at Siemens PLM Software, this webinar gets you up to speed on a new concept without taking up a lot of your time. You can come away sounding much more like the engineer that you want to be, as opposed to the engineer that never was.

In this webinar, you will see just how easy it is to embed computation fluid dynamics upfront into the design cycle.  This frontloading of CFD into the design cycle is really the key to designing better from the get go.

In fact, Jon shows us that by frontloading CFD using FloEFD inside Solid Edge, it reduces overall time to get to a solution by as much a 65%-75% compared to other CFD tools. The award-winning FloEFD CFD solution automates the most onerous CFD steps and helps engineers to immediately prepare and analyze their Solid Edge models:

  • Accurate, fast and easy-to-use fluid flow and heat transfer simulation. Used by engineers across the globe, FloEFD technology offers answers to complex engineering problems quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Fully integrated preprocessor, solver and post-processor: With FloEFD you need only one fully integrated package to analyze your designs. Featuring automated meshing and robust convergence criteria, FloEFD speeds up the overall design process.

  • Integrated parametric study and design comparison functionality: Understand influence of changes in the geometry or boundary conditions on the results by comparing a wide range of project variants. Assess results by numerical values, graphs or animations.

  • Experience the power of instinctive user experience: an easy-to-use GUI offers considerable intelligent automation so it’s easy to use for the design engineer and powerful enough for the analysis specialist.

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