Cleveland Getting an EdgeGroup on June 8

By MLombard

For those of you who are noticing a trend, yes, there is a concerted effort to build user groups in large concentrations of Solid Edge users. The next event will be in Cleveland on June 8 in the Siemens Building Systems building at 5350 Transportation Blvd from Noon to 3 pm.


The group will be led locally by Melissa Schultz, from Robbins TBM. If you want to register for the meeting, just send Melissa an email at Tell her that you plan to show up, and how many other people from your company you are going to bring.


Plans are still fluid, but in Cleveland Jeff Walker will talk about how the Solid Edge development process works and how users can participate. We will also hear technical presentations on topics TBD. We can’t say yet what kinds of give-aways we will have in Cleveland, but at Cincinnati a couple of weeks ago, we gave away small items like mugs and mouse pads along with some bigger items such as a bluetooth speaker. Siemens also gave away free certification passes and big discounts for Solid Edge University 2016. I imagine we might see something similar at Cleveland.

User groups are important for a lot of reasons. First of all, they are free. The technical presentations alone are worth your time. Access to top Solid Edge brass can also be very valuable personally, and for your company. The opportunity to meet other users from other companies, learning and teaching from collective experience with the product. There are also the links to 3rd party vendors, sales partners, support and training people.

User groups are also important for the larger community, including on-line community and Solid Edge University. We know that some people want to participate in on-line groups, and some people want to participate in face-to-face groups.

And what is the cost? Well, the meeting itself is free. It does cost someone some time to actually lead the group, bu that even has its rewards. The biggest cost to you is some time out of your day. But a couple hours out of one day are easily worth all the benefits you get in return.

I’m obviously stumping not just for this Cleveland group, but for all connections between users. On-line, face-to-face, local, national and international. So if you live within driving distance of Cleveland, I hope to see you on June 8.

Send an RSVP email to letting us know how many people you’re bringing so we know how much food to get.


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