Why you should upgrade to Simcenter Amesim 16.1

I am not a very tidy person. My office desk may be clean, but you should not look into my drawer. When it comes to my files it is a bit the same, I don’t classify them anymore. I rely more and more on Cloud solutions to store them and completely rely on powerful search capabilities to find what I need.

For my Simcenter Amesim models where the collaboration with colleagues is yet an additional important aspect to take into account; having good model and data management capabilities is key. The integration of your day-to-day tool (Simcenter Amesim) is as important as a good integration between your favorite Cloud solution and your file explorer. You don’t want to switch between tools to be efficient.

Last week, we released Simcenter Amesim 16.1. Indeed, we are currently working hard to deliver our next major release in several months. But still I think it’s worth sharing with you a few lines on this intermediate version.

Simcenter Amesim 16.1 offers you a tighter integration with Teamcenter which enables direct access to “check-in”, “check-out” and “cancel check-out” capabilities directly within Simcenter Amesim.


This allows for collaborative work not only on Simcenter Amesim models but also on Simcenter Amesim libraries. Therefore, you can increase your efficiency by managing the lifecycle of 1D-based models without having to switch between tools.


Additionally, Simcenter Amesim 16.1 has become one of the most stable versions thanks to a few improvements and corrections we have provided in this release.

Still wondering if you should switch to Simcenter Amesim 16, our last major version? Read this blog post.  

Want to see some concrete examples? Watch our how-to videos.

Need to install the latest version? Contact your local support office.

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