Why Should You Care About a Strong and Lightweight Suitcase?

By Dung_H

A couple summers ago, I flew to Italy with some classmates for a study abroad trip. As soon as the plane landed, we grabbed our luggage and made our way to the bus, located on top of a hill right next to the airport, to be taken to our hotel. We were thrilled to start our adventures. Within minutes of stepping outside that airport, one of my classmate’s trolley handle completely broke off of her suitcase. As you could imagine, she was infuriated because she now had to pull her 50-pound (22.5 kilogram) suitcase up a hill by the carry strap. Let’s just say it was the most strenuous activity she endured during the entire trip.

Perhaps the trolley handle that broke off so easily was a flaw the engineers failed to detect during the testing phase. That’s why Samsonite uses Simcenter 3D to address their CAE challenges and receive rapid feedback during the product development process. During this phase, a variety of tests, such as tumble and drop tests, are performed to ensure their lightweight suitcases are among the best in the industry. Watch this video to learn about how Samsonite utilizes Simcenter 3D to ensure that your suitcase is durable and vacation is stress free:

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