Webinars of the month – July 2017

By JessicaFertier


Introduction to Vehicle NVH and Acoustics

On-demand webinar

The pressures on NVH engineering are constantly increasing. While legislation and regulation tightens, the automotive industry is confronted with a renewed need to address particular NVH challenges on component, subsystem and full-vehicle level.

NVH1_image_sponsored_update.jpgIn this webinar you will learn:
• NVH phenomena spectra and engineering challenges, 
• Analysis and approach to solve powertrain and interior noise issues, 
• Impact of pass-by noise and how to measure and resolve it.

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Live webinars

Using LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim for aircraft propulsion system design

July 6th, 11am EST

System_Simulation_for_Aerospace_and_Defense_Applications.pngThis webinar focuses on thermal, control, fuel, electrical systems aspects of aircraft propulsion design & optimization.

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Using LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim for military ground vehicle system design

July 11th, 11am EST
Imagine.Lab Amesim military vehicle design_tcm1023-257042.jpg

This webinar focuses on thermal, control, fuel, electrical systems aspects of military ground vehicle design & optimization

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Electric motor noise modeling

July 13th, 11am EST

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What are the noise sources in electric motors?

  • How to model the noise sources and noise propagation paths?

  • How to analyze sound pressure level?

  • Mitigation strategies to reduce noise levels.

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Improve clutch component performance and integration with system simulation

July 20th, 11am EST

Join the webinar and learn how to:

  • Design, size and validate clutch components and subsystems while reducing time and costs,

  • Design high fidelity clutch models allowing you to explore various phenomenon, such as friction, temperature, vibrations, and components actuation.

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Acoustic engineering simulation of pumps and compressors

July 27th, 11am EST

The following topics will be addressed:Finite_Element_Acoustics_Main_tcm1023-220164.jpg

  • Vibro-acoustics numerical methods,

  • How to accurately model acoustic radiation and complete system,

  • Cooling fan noise,

  • Better noise control,

  • Exploring and sharing results.

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