Webinar – Optimizing vessel performance through virtual system prediction

By Adele Dolique

The global fleet of oceangoing merchant vessels numbers over 51000 in January, 2016 and should keep growing in the coming decades to answer the demand due to globalization. In parallel, the maritime shipping is pointed as an important fuel-consumer and air polluter and consequently is requested to respect international rules such as achieving 20% CO2 and NOx reduction by 2020 and 50% by 2050.

In that context remaining innovative and competitive requires to opt for the right engineering methodologies. Model-based systems engineering might be the one you need. Indeed, what do you think of the possibility virtually predict the dynamic performance of the systems of your vessels at early stage of the development cycle? 

model_hybrid-ship.jpgHybrid vessel model in Simcenter Amesim

In this 45-minute webinar you can get familiar with the solution proposed by the Simcenter Amesim software, part of Simcenter portfolio and easily understand:

  • How to virtually predict the impact of new technologies in current architectures

  • How to optimize the efficiency of internal combustion engines

  • How to optimize the electric and hybrid drive train ship configuration

  • How to develop control strategies accordingly

  • How to implement an efficient simulation methodology fitting with your engineering processes

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