If Captain Jack Sparrow used the Simcenter Amesim sea route model

By Romain Nicolas

Have you ever had a treasure hunt with your kids? Here is a new variant for you to try – the Simcenter Amesim sea route version of the game! Ready, Steady, Go!

Simcenter Amesim sea route planning

“According to this map the treasure is in this location: 25.7577 N / 80.1174 W”

Pirate sea map

“We are now in 52.0404 N / 3.9159 E. We need to plan for our trip,

  • how long will it take to get there?
  • How much fuel do we need to carry?

Let’s run a simulation to predict the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and the fuel consumed:

Simcenter Amesim sea route planning

“Ahoy Captain, our MV Regal pirate ship is ready to sail! Looks perfect, let’s go!”

Jack Sparrow

Variable sea conditions

“Captain, we have a Beaufort scale 10 storm ahead, what do we do?”

Jack Sparrow

“No problem, let’s run a new simulation to see if we can make it”

Amesim sea route simulation results with Beaufort 10 storm

“Hmmm, if we try to sail through, we will run out of fuel. I need to find an alternative route”. Let’s see what Simcenter Amesim tells us:

Alternative Amesim sea routes comparison
Pareto front Fuel consumption versus Estimated Time of Arrival

Route number 2 is definitely the best from the ETA and fuel consumption point of view. “Head to 37.0129 N / 63.0152 W!”

New marine-related features in Simcenter Amesim 2020.2

This treasure hunt is a bit of fun, but it also showcases new capabilities in Simcenter Amesim 2020.2. In this release, you can now set variable sea conditions and ship speed targets as functions of GPS coordinates, linear distance or time recording. This new capability is an improvement of the variable sea conditions model implemented in version 2020.1. It is an enabler for operation optimization tasks like dynamic sea routing or optimal/predictive energy management systems.

In addition to this handy feature, check out the 3 new demonstrators in the “Demo help” portal:

You can use these demonstrators as tutorials to help you set up your own cases.

Finally in this release, we have improved the propeller models. They are now capable of operating in the four quadrants (positive or negative torque and speed), enabling slowing down the ship or going backward.

To try these features for yourself, download the new Simcenter Amesim version via the support center. Enjoy! And I hope these features help you to find your treasure!

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