Stay Updated Not Outdated

By mirna_b

It’s a Monday morning and you are riding the struggle bus as you get ready for your day job. You decide you want to pick up a coffee from your favorite coffee shop to get you through the morning. You have one of two options:  

  1.  Walk in and risk standing in the long tedious line, possibly making you late to work 

  2.  Order online using their mobile app and skip the line 

I think the choice is pretty simple here.GettyImages-505376538.jpg


Your local coffee shop keeps up to date with the latest technological trends allowing them to make the baristas’ lives much easier and overall improve business operations.  

If the coffee shop can improve their business operations to make their baristas happier, then why don’t engineering companies do the same for their CAE analysts?

CAE analysts spend a tremendous amount of time working on individual simulation task, which limits their ability to work on other simulations. This extends the product development cycle time frame, increasing costs for the company.  When it comes to structural analysis though, engineering companies should take advantage of the continuous performance improvements we have implemented in NX Nastran. Upgrading to NX Nastran’s latest version will significantly help CAE engineers with their productivity.  

Below is a graph representing the improvement in speed based on the old software vs the new.

AttB5B8.tmp.jpgUsing NX Nastran 11 on modern hardware provided a 5.4X speed improvement when solving the smaller model vs. using NX Nastran 9 on the three-year-old workstation.

As you can see, the latest version of NX Nastran helps ensure simulations run faster and allows CAE analysts tackle more analyses; and with each new version comes a more efficient workflow. Last fall we released NX Nastran 12 further improving the solver performance.


For more depth on these performance improvements, check out the article from Desktop Engineering below!

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