Simulation Driven Design: Automate Simulation Processes

By mirna_b

Welcome back to the fourth part of our simulation driven design blog series. Catch up and read our previous post here!

Let us get started by asking this: How can you optimize the production of your product? Build products faster. How do you do that? Simply through simulation design. However, it is not that easy. One road block simulation teams seem to face is the amount of time spent on routine analysis of the product. So what does that mean?  Well of course it means we must reduce the demand for routine analysis on a simulation team!

Processess must be automoated in order to meet production requirments. Using NX Open built into Simcenter 3D, users can use automate simulation processes called templates. These template are made up of all the simulation knowledge that is needed for the complex analysis to ensure that high quality products are created, even by less experienced users. Also, these users also do not need much training because these templates are exposed in the CAD environment, which they are familiar with. Automate simulation processes save time and money by predicting process failure and behavior.

In short, this nice user interface provides step by step instruction for the designer so that they know exactly what to do.

Take a look at how automate simulation processes can help design an exhausts manifold and test it to see if the air flow is balanced.

If you want to learn more, watch this webinar to learn about the myriad benifits simulation design offers!  

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