Run! – for your life

By Simon Fischer


Internal Combustion Engines are doomed to die? Well, imagine yourself when suddenly you are being told that you had only one hour to live! What would you do? 

60 minutes to go?

Here are 6 things that will take you 10 minutes each…

When the ultimate clock starts ticking, you decide to

get to the top of the Empire State Building

to finish up with a stunning experience!

60 minutes left…

You go to the elevator, queue up and wait patiently. Then

after 10 min 42 seconds you lose your temper

and leave the queue in despair


50 minutes left…

Frustrated as you are you need some music to calm down… so you

listen to Daft Punks “Too Long.”

(and yes, it is EXACTLY 10 minutes long)


40 minutes left…

You never know what’s for lunch on the other side… so you

prepare yourself a scrambled egg omelet



30 minutes left…

Taking the elevator is not a choice anymore, so you have a bold plan. Precondition for execution:

have a coffee and wait for the caffeine to kick in…



20 minutes left…

there you go, caffeine kicks in, plan to be executed: You

Run up the stairway of Empire State building

beating the current world record  of 9’33” by one second



10 minutes left…

Totally out of breath, sweating all over and with a stunning view on Manhattan…


…it’s clear there’s only one last thing for you to do…

Oh and by the way,

luckily the time of death cannot be predicted, neither for human beings nor for the Internal Combustion engine. They both Run! – for their life(time)

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