Revisit the Simcenter for Predictive Engineering Analytics Webinar Series

Across every industry today, companies are facing tough challenges–suchbolt_preload.jpg as increased product complexity, new materials and manufacturing processes–and new opportunities from the availability of sensor-based data.  Engineering today’s complex systems requires new approaches, combining 1D simulation, 3D CAE, test and analytics.

In this webinar series, you will learn about our vision for Predictive Engineering Analytics and how our Simcenter™ software portfolio can help you address these challenges. In addition we will take a closer look at Simcenter 3D, a next generation multi-discipline simulation solution that will dramatically speed up your 3D CAE process.

All webinars are available on demand now!

Here is an example from the last webinar in the series for the machinery. This demonstration relates to manufacturing simulation and the integrity of bolted connections. An oil pump assembly is used for the demonstration, but the approach is applicable to any 3D bolted joint model. A complete solution would sequence bolt loads to simulate tightening of bolts during manufacturing. Service loads would be applied next, followed by removal of service loads, and some or all of the bolt loads. At each step the integrity of the assembly’s load carrying capabilities and other results can and is inspected.

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