Reimagining automotive software engineering process

By Vijay Singh

In modern cars, most of the functionalities are controlled by software. With the increasing complexity of software-based functionality, as for example in the case of drive-by-wire, automated driving and driver assistants, the industry is slowly transitioning towards being software centric.

Challenges include the need to revisit processes, methods, tools and organization workflow settings in order to increase traceability and synchronicity throughout the development phases. In particular, we have been working to address this problem within the realm of automotive industry and have developed an integrated and open tool chain for software application lifecycle, software development, testing and verification.

Software development with a workflow supported by the V cycle.pngV-model for software developmentRead the white paper where we describe how Simcenter Embedded Software Designer helps companies streamline requirements, architecture-driven software development and tests and verification activities to enable architecture continuity and enhance overall bi-directional traceability.

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