On-demand webinar: system simulation

By Olga Korosteleva

How does usually start a story with our customers? Those can be big accounts or very small entities, from aerospace, automotive, industrial machinery, marine or other industries, but all of them seek to make their products better and indeed, they need to innovate rapidly in order to remain competitive. Because we all know how demanding we – today’s consumers – can be. No compromise: we want safety, efficiency, power, ecology, and more than that, we want all of those at a good price, and rapidly. Sounds like a whim? Not really: today we have choice and can require to get value for our money.

To help industrial manufacturers to meet ever-increasing consumer expectations, Siemens PLM Software comes with an exhaustive set of solutions helping build a Digital Twin.


But how to build this Digital Twin at early design stages, before CAD data and physical prototypes are available? It’s evident: the earlier you discover a design issue and the earlier you start optimizing your design, the easier the design defect will be to solve, with a little impact on the project timeline and cost.

Design process.png

That’s why, a lot of our customers have opted for system simulation.

Throughout the entire V-cycle, system simulation helps them predict the behavior of mechatronic systems; interconnect them in order to balance conflicting performance attributes and finally, benchmark several design options to improve their products.

Want to learn how a large-scale deployment of system simulation can help you? Watch this on-demand webinar.


Rohit Saha (Machine Simulation Senior Technical Specialist, Cummins) and Hari Vijay (US Portfolio Development Executive, Siemens PLM Software) explain why system simulation has become a must-have for your design process.

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