Learn CAE Tricks in 5 Minutes or Less

New CAE tutorials will help you get started in NX Simulation, and you can learn most of the tips in 5 minutes or less.

Watch the Tips & Techniques videos from the Education Services website anytime, anywhere. You’ll need a Learning Advantage account to access them.  It’s free and takes only a matter of minutes to sign up.

There are plenty of topics to choose from for novice and expert users alike. Here’s a list of just a few of the tutorials available now:  

Inside Volume of Hollow Body.jpgHow to Create Inside Volume of Shell or Hollow Body

Learn how to use the Delete Face function in NX modeling to create inside volume of a hollow body.

  • Copy and Hide Solid Bodies

  • Delete Face

  • Change Face colors

  • Calculate the Mass Properties

Advanced Simulation.jpgIntroduction to Advanced Simulation Using NX 9.0

Learn how to analyze a solid part using a linear static analysis in NX Advanced Simulation. You’ll see the process to create a solid mesh, apply loads and constraints, solve using NX Nastran, and then review the results.

Motion Simulation.jpgMotion Simulations Process

Learn how to create a motion simulation in NX 9.

  • Open Part (Assembly)

  • Create Motion Simulation

  • Create Links, Joints and Solutions

  • Solve and Post-Process

Swept Feature.jpgUse a Swept Feature to Create a Nozzle to Maintain Constant Cross-Section

Learn how to create a surface or solid body and maintain cross-section using Swept function in NX Freeform modeling. You can use this method to design a nozzle or duct to maintain a constant cross-section.

You can also get more how-to videos from our Knowledge Base and NX CAE Quick Tips. 

This article first appeared on the Siemens Digital Industries Software blog at https://blogs.sw.siemens.com/simcenter/learn-cae-tricks-in-5-minutes-or-less/