Elite Japanese contractor, Kajima Corporation, strives to innovate and improve infrastructure

Kajima Corporation (Kajima) was founded in 1840 and is one of Japan’s foremost super general contractors. It continues to build Japan’s leading high-rise buildings and infrastructure, including the country’s first high-rise building, which was considered to be impossible due to the country’s frequent earthquakes. It is expanding its business to over 20 regions.

Kajima is deeply involved in improving infrastructure by constructing large-scale apartments, offices, department stores, museums, factories, stadiums, schools and hospitals as well as civil engineering projects, including roads, railroads, bridges, tunnels, dams and airports. The company is focusing not only on building new structures, but also on maintaining and repairing existing infrastructure.

Kajima makes strides with Simcenter Femap

With civil engineering projects such as those created by Kajima, the need for 3D analysis has grown significantly over the past few years, whereas before, 2D analysis was common practice. Kajima has chosen Simcenter Femap to assist them in their projects, including their 2D and 3D analysis. Simcenter Femap Pre/ Postprocessing allows users to reduce the time spent preparing analysis models and spend more time evaluating results. With unique tools for CAE geometry editing, fast simulation results post processing, and much more, users such as Kajima have the ability to quickly move from multi-CAD geometry data to a complete, run-ready analysis model. Analysis tasks are reduced from 20 minutes to one second!

In addition to Pre/ Postprocessing, Kajima takes advantage of the superior graphical user interface (GUI) and geometry related features of Simcenter Femap. The intuitively operated GUI is a major feature of the software and, along with easy-to-use geometry related features, assists Kajima as they strive to not only innovate and improve infrastructure but maintain and repair it as well. According to Fumito Ohya, the acting head of the structural analysis group in the analysis technology department in civil engineering for Kajima, “we rely on the continuing development of Simcenter Femap. Its basic structure is robust, and we find good new capabilities in every new version. We are confident this will continue in the future.”

Solutions made possible

Some challenges faced by Kajima, such as maintaining and enhancing deteriorating infrastructure, developing technologies for special proposals that can’t be analyzed with traditional tools and providing structural analysis on a larger scale compared to previous projects, can be eliminated with Simcenter Femap. The software can be used to enhance 3D analysis and leverage the intuitive user interface, in addition to customer support provided by Simcenter Femap’s development team.

“I think Siemens is always working toward removing the barriers between modeling and analysis… We are looking forward to future advances in Simcenter Femap.”

Fumito Ohya, Group Manager Structural Analysis Group Advanced Analysis Department Civil Engineering Design Division Kajima Corporation

The results?

  • Reduced time needed for analysis tasks, in some cases from 20 minutes to one second
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Facilitated the creation of custom efficiency tools using the API

Learn More

For more information on Kajima Corporation, check out the case study about the company and their use of Simcenter Femap.

To learn more about Simcenter Femap solutions, you can visit our website or simply download a free trial of Simcenter Femap to give our solutions a try for yourself.

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