Completed acquisition of Saab Medav Technologies GmbH

By DominiekCoppens

As most of you already know Simcenter testing solutions, including the industry-standard Simcenter Testlab software and trusted Simcenter SCADAS hardware, are pretty much the go-to R&D solution in leading product-driven industries like aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment and consumer goods.

But, with the arrival of Industry 4.0 and the digital factory, customers were starting to ask us more and more about industrial quality and end-of-line NVH testing. Every PLM expert knows this is just as important as testing the accuracy of the digital twin and final prototype on the design and development side. In an ideal world, digital twins should match final product reality. So it is important that there is an after-manufacturing checkbox or process to confirm that the product quality meets customer expectations and supply chain requirements. This is where industrial quality testing can help.

Welcome to the Simcenter family!

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the asset sale and purchase transaction of the NVH business from Saab Medav Technologies GmbH (Read the full press release here). The expert team from Saab Medav NVH brings the know-how and expertise that we need to make the bridge between Simcenter testing solutions, typically used in the research and development area, with an integrated solution set for industrial quality testing in more traditional and Industry 4.0 manufacturing. 

Saab Medav Technologies become a part of Simcenter testing solutions portfolio

Why end-of-the-line NVH and quality testing now?

As manufacturers and engineers, we are entering exciting times full of exciting changes. Industry 4.0 and the digital factory are driving automation and digitalization at a faster pace than ever. This is certainly true in the world of automotive, but in other industries as well. And business models are changing. Concepts like digital twins and digital micro-factories are helping companies, like Uniti, enter the automotive market with innovative electric vehicles.

Industrial quality testing on combustion engine

But a digital twin is only as good as the data behind it. The good news is that quality testing results can help by providing valuable input to product digital twins, supporting continuous product improvement and development. Our newly added Simcenter Anovis  industrial quality testing solution is pretty much a go-to standard in the global automotive and transportation industry. Based on innovative sound and vibration-based fault detection algorithms, it combines automatic limit adaptation with classic NVH measurement features, to identify product or process anomalies within seconds. Our standardized system has a particularly strong track record in end-of-line quality testing of combustion engines, transmissions, electric motors and motor-driven components and systems.

Enriching the product digital twin

To close the product-driven digital twin and PLM loop, customers will need the checkbox data provided by industrial quality testing. It will help them make sure that the performance of the final product matches the expectations of the digital twin. Or, in other words, did the EV with code 9875 leave the production line looking and working as expected? And, if not, what went wrong?

So a warm welcome to all the experts from Saab Medav NVH who have joined the Simcenter testing family. It is a pleasure to have you all onboard during these exciting times for NVH in Industry 4.0.

If you are interested for more information, check out this new e-book.


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