Brush Up Your CAE Skills with These Webinars

By Amy Reyes

CAE Webinars NX Tips & Tricks.jpgLooking to improve your mastery of NX CAE? Even the most advanced simulation analyst needs a little help now and then. That’s why I’ve put together this list of NX CAE tips and tricks webinars designed to help you get the most out of your NX experience.

The best part? They’re on-demand so you can watch them any time you like, even from the comfort of your own home. If something comes up, it’s no problem because you can pause them and come back later without worrying that you’ll miss an important tip.

So grab a bowl of popcorn, settle into your seat, and let’s get to learning!

  • Finite Element Modeling in Context of Assemblies – This webinar is perfect for anyone who needs to learn about assembly constraints, connections across component boundaries, instancing, model management, the import of components, and the use of superelements.

  • CAE Thermal Analysis in NX.jpgLeverage Advanced Thermal & Flow Analysis  Meeting industry demands can be tough. Products have to meet certain standards for efficiency, reliability, and comfort. This webinar teaches you to use thermal and flow analysis to meet those demands. You’ll learn about convective and radiated heat transfer along with flow, all in the context of integrated systems.

  • Advanced Workflows and Process for Mixed Element Hybrid FE Models – When you construct a mixed element hybrid FE model, there are some advanced workflows and processes that go along with it. This webinar educates you on manual meshing, hybrid modeling (mixed element types) connections, and manual manipulation of models.

  • Realities of Engineering in a Multi CAD World – Chances are high that at least once in your career you will deal with a model that has data from multiple CAD sources, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! This webinar prepares you to handle multi CAD data with ease. You’ll learn about the import and modification of multi CAD data within NX CAE.

  • Results Validation and Interrogation – During this webinar, you’ll learn about model sufficiency, assessing and validating mesh refinement, post processing options, and methodologies. Everything you need to validate and interrogate results in NX CAE.

  • Finite Element Modeling Best Practices for Modeling Connections – You can introduce significant error into a finite element simulation if you don’t model connections and boundary conditions properly. This webinar will teach you about bolted joints, contact, and how to model connections so that you can reduce or eliminate errors in your FEM simulations.  

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