Better electronics design just got even faster.

Modern electronics design has never been so complex.  Numerous transient power profiles and a broad range of expected operating conditions.  These could be phones held in hot hands, ECUs in arctic vehicles, even satellite controls in deep space, conditions could not be more varied or challenging.

All engineers face time pressures and to explore the full design space, longer solve times are inevitable.  How you be certain this really is the optimal design?

Fast flight.PNG

The latest release of Simcenter Flotherm – Simcenter Flotherm 2019.1 offers unique functionality to ensure the design space is fully explored without sacrificing time.  BCI-ROM (boundary-condition independent, reduced order modeling) is an extension of the FANTASTIC method pioneered by Prof. Lorenzo Codecasa and is now available to engineers designing electronics in Simcenter Flotherm.


Byron Blackmore gives the full picture in this short video: Faster transient electronics thermal simulation with Simcenter Flotherm BCI-ROMs

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