Accelerate vehicle performance verification for autonomous driving systems

By Paul van Straten

Join me on the 31st of January for a free webinar on how you can generate confidence in vehicle performance verification for ADAS and autonomous driving systems using Siemens Digital Industries Solutions. I will be talking about challenges that lie ahead and our solutions across all engineering domains with a focus on software.

After the webinar I will be available to answer all of your questions regarding this topic.

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As acknowledged by Euro NCAP 2020 protocols, testing of tomorrow’s ADAS systems on a proving ground is no longer feasible. The number of scenarios modern vehicles need to react to in a safe and repeatable manner is drastically growing with the increasing levels of automation.

Virtual validation and verification are about to become common practice for all OEM’s integrating systems like autonomous emergency braking, lane keeping assist, speed and parking assists. However, virtual results can only be trustworthy if they are confirmed by physical testing in the end.

Having consistency in the test scenarios, the virtual representation of the environment, of the car and of the sensors is the key to successful validation and verification of automated driving functions. 

In this webinar I will be talking about our solutions that support autonomous vehicle development, with a focus on:

  • Algorithms – Highly complex controls algorithms for machine learning and deep neural networks to get ADAS and autonomous systems get to market faster.

  • Sensors & Environment – Developing and integrating sensors for autonomous systems with the needed reliability and durability.

  • System Integration – Integrating systems and sub-systems with hardware and software for autonomous vehicles.

  • Vehicle & Occupants – Vehicle dynamics and occupant simulation for ADAS and autonomous systems, ensuring proper controls.

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