Realize LIVE Europe: Cultivating competitive advantage with SaaS

By Keaton Walkowski

Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the foundational pillars of digital transformation. As offerings, SaaS solutions make advanced digital capabilities more attainable for all companies.  With the software solutions market flooded, which are the best offerings? What engineering processes can benefit most from switching to SaaS? Join us for this Realize LIVE Europe day-one session:  Leveraging SaaS and the Cloud to positively impact your business. Hear from two Siemens Digital Industries Software executives as they discuss how companies worldwide are leveraging SaaS to drive better collaboration between colleagues, vendors and customers while managing costs and reducing product delivery timelines.

Where digital transformation gets real. Fast.

Realize LIVE Europe, the digital transformation conference, will be held from June 3 to June 5 in Munich, Germany.  With keynote addresses, breakout sessions and the interactive Solutions Center, Realize LIVE is our community-based learning, connection-building and problem-solving symposium. Whether you’re a Siemens software user, process leader, or deployment manager, everyone will learn:

  • How to improve their day-to-day operations
  • What to expect in the months and years ahead
  • How to ensure sustainable success for their organization

Check out the entire event catalog.  You will find sessions that help you deliver transformational outcomes for your organization, regardless of your job role or company size.

Leveraging SaaS and the cloud to positively impact your business

Whether it’s to enhance collaboration or take the sting out of design complexity, SaaS solutions have given companies the flexibility and agility needed to navigate today’s complicated landscape. With tools like Solid Edge from Siemens Digital Industries Software, your company will be ready to meet consumer demand for shortened development timelines by connecting and unifying the necessary stakeholders to ensure process efficiency.

Join Nick Rakkar, Director, Mainstream Engineering Business Development-EMEA, Siemens and Susann Kunz, Program Marketing Manager,  Siemens Digital Industries Software for a data-driven, evidence-based breakdown of how Solid Edge customers have turned complexity management in a global working environment into a competitive advantage.

Solid Edge enables collaboration, consistency and efficiency

As products become more advanced and expected delivery timelines for them shrink, manufacturers require new processes and solutions to succeed. More specifically, new solutions must enable the visibility, collaboration and efficiency needed to deliver these increasingly complex products in a timeframe that consumers will accept.

Starting with the design phase of the product lifecycle, engineers need to be able to contend with the rise of product variants and personalized, bespoke products as a whole. They also need to be able to easily organize past designs and parts because even though the design exploration phase has become more robust, the time-to-delivery for the entire project must decrease.

Solid Edge delivers all that and much more. Whether it’s revision management that automatically creates and tracks parts, shape search that allows designers to search for any shape from past designs, or easy integration into the Teamcenter® PLM backbone, your design engineers have the abilities they need to create innovative, compliant and bespoke products in an expedited fashion.


We’ll see you in Munich on June 3 for Realize LIVE Europe:Leveraging SaaS and the cloud to positively impact your business. Nick Rakkar and Susann Kunz will demonstrate all that’s possible with Solid Edge, share customer success stories and discuss how SaaS is evolving in the future.

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