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By Wesley Aarsen

The Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe is the most established and well-documented approach for implementing Agile at the enterprise level. SAFe for Polarion gives your organization the means to not only grow but also to scale exponentially. Get hands-on experience with SAFe for Polarion and take the free test-drive today.

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    With one trial sign up you can test-drive all our core solutions: ALM, Requirements, QA, and SAFe for Polarion.
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    Have specific use cases you’d like to try out? We’ll point out the top features you need to make the most of Polarion.
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    Have questions about our solution as you are exploring it, or want to build out a complete proof of concept? Get all the answers from our expert support team.

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Drinking your own champagne – Just a side note

The term describes the practice of a company using its own products. It will not come to you as a surprise that Polarion itself is defined, managed and tested with Polarion, but what you might not know is that it now also extends to multiple other products, solutions, and teams within Siemens LCS portfolio. Six production programs, 1900 users, 190+ teams and 260+ releases are currently managed with SAFe for Polarion within Siemens LCS.

Secure Collaboration

SAFe’s organization and workflow patterns within the Polarion SAFe template will introduce a higher level of alignment, secure collaboration, continuous delivery (CD) and continuous integration (Cl) across large numbers of agile teams. This, in turn, will make sure you deliver on software that gives your customers true value in the least sustainable lead time.


Polarion gives greater visibility and lets you drill down (or up) and show for example: how the planning is decomposed into road maps, to solution increments, to program increments all the way to the KanBan board of the features. Polarion also shows dependencies between features on the portfolio level, but also the team level, exposing the right level of information in the context of each team.


Leveraging the flexible live reporting capabilities, planning, and velocity management within Polarion you can greatly improve the prediction of project completion and headcount allocation.

Nonfunctional Requirements (NFRs)

Making sure your products meet the high level of quality your customers expect, these requirements (sometimes out shadowed by user stories) for example security, reliability, performance, maintainability, scalability, and usability for your software are documented and associated within the backlogs at all levels. By doing this you accelerate NFR testing to earlier stages within the development process.

Scale to Enterprise Levels

To scale effectively, you need to take a holistic view of your organization. This gives you the opportunity to identify any roadblocks in your organization’s internal processes. SAFe for Polarion integration of portfolio management throughout the whole project structure is just one of the many enablers unique to the SAFe methodology. It will provide you a huge boost to your business scalability and velocity. Try and see it for yourself today.

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