Real performance analytics from Polarion ALM test drive server

We often get questions about performance and scalability from prospective users of Polarion’s application lifecycle management solutions. It’s quite a valid concern when considering a move to a new working environment. We delivered some major new capability for scalability in our recent version 2014 release with clustering and load balancing. So let me talk here about general performance. 

I just received some performance analysis info on our ALM Test Drive server  and thought I would share the numbers here. They speak for themselves and show quite nice performance of this Polarion server. The following infographic shows how server performance went during the analysis period. The server was hosting a bit over 300 projects during the period. The data are measured on the client, and saved on the server for further processing, so it shows the real performance. (We actually track every single request – how much time it took, which object was accessed, and on which thread.)

 Infographic: Polarion ALM Test Drive server performance

These numbers are pretty similar to those of our R&D team’s production server that we use to manage the development of Polarion itself. I’ll share some of those stats in another post soon.

Banner image: Polarion CLOUD - hosted ALM solution

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