Polarion REQUIREMENTS: Solving Difficult Requirements Management Problems

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Software development is now more complex than ever, with increased lines of code, demand for smart connectivity, and limited time to resolve post-launch issues. Poorly defined requirements often can lead to software product failures, displaying a clear lack of traceability and accountability across development teams.

Requirements take different forms based on an organization’s size, processes (or lack thereof), and project workload, but requirements management must be at the forefront of development and manufacturing.

Top five reasons your organization needs Polarion REQUIREMENTS:

  1. Secure collaboration to increase efficiencies and innovation

  2. Forensic traceability for verification and validation

  3. Excellent user experience for rapid adoption

  4. Requirements reuse to save >50% of project costs

  5. Immediate extensibility to ALM

Last month, we hosted a webinar that also discussed how Polarion REQUIREMENTS has a major influence on your organization. To view it, please click here.

Protect your requirements management with a solution easily updated to ALM when you’re ready, so you will be able to integrate requirements data. A simple license upgrade is required, and there are no further integrations or installations needed.

Polarion has diligently created a unified platform with effective licensing, so a customer interested in REQUIREMENTS is able to adopt QA or ALM software using the same collaborative framework across Polarion’s product portfolio.

Let’s dive a bit more into some of the feedback we hear from customers about the benefits of using Polarion REQUIREMENTS:

Traceability is critical especially when project ownership is required for external audits and other government compliance protocols. Polarion REQUIREMENTS ensures better accountability, as artifacts are stored in a version control repository, each modification able to present a uniquely identifiable revision – linked to each user.

Make use of a 100% browser-based access, with support of concurrent editing of specification documents. Using a Web-based solution provides real-time access and easier deployment, utilizing a single source of interaction for employees – with more than 80 percent of customers running the most recent version of Polarion solutions.

In addition to a Web-based interface, Polarion REQUIREMENTS is an easy-to-use solution so users do not need to be a requirements engineering specialist. The ability for stakeholders to no longer leave their familiar environment with improved collaboration among team members is

Also, secure collaboration and workflow provides permissions that keep data private, and guarantee information is modified at appropriate times. Polarion REQUIREMENTS has been designed to support dynamic requirements approval, with incremental approvals based on requirements being discussed, refined, altered, and discussed in the future.

The reuse of requirements is a popular asset in projects today, demonstrated by teams often needing to reuse requirements for the following reasons: to distribute regulatory requirements, produce new versions of projects, and for different variants.

Additional benefits of using Polarion REQUIREMENTS in your organization:

Pass any audit, compliance, or regulatory inspection with guaranteed traceability that is easily implemented and guaranteed via automatic change control

Manage work items and documents via workflows that enforce how and when they move from state to state, based on definable rules, with full audit trails, electronic signature and security

Round Trip technology allows you to easily import and export Microsoft Office documents for online or offline collaboration

Live Branch, Variant Management, and Live Doc and technology let you manage commonalities in your products without using copy and paste

Use native clustering for load balancing and failover strategies

If your organization wants to replace outdated and expensive legacy tools, and needs better control over multiple versions of documents, Polarion appreciates the opportunity to discuss REQUIREMENTS with you. If you’d like to see a live demo by a Polarion REQUIREMENTS expert, please contact us.

As we look ahead to a busy 2016, Polarion is dedicated to helping your organization succeed during the software development process.

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