Polarion and Coca Cola: the BEAR Facts

By palomor

Polar bear needs helpWhat do Polarion and Coca Cola have in common? (Besides the fact that Coke powers some of our developers?) Well, it seems both companies have a weak spot for the endangered Polar Bear.

Since 2009, Polarion has been a loyal supporter and fundraiser for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) campaign to save the Polar Bear. We knew many people have the same concern, but until this week we didn’t realize we had some august company in this effort.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Coca Cola is launching a new campaign to preserve Polar Bear habitat and raise awareness of the issue. We applaud! We had of course seen the ads with Coke’s bears, but we didn’t realize that Coke is also a staunch WWF and Polar Bear supporter. (More applause!) But what we don’t know is:


We do know why Polarion did. Polarion is the fixed point that guides over 1 million users through the complexities of application development every day. That’s why our company logo represents the Pole star (Polaris) on the horizon. That northern idea naturally suggested “Polar Bear”, so we created this guy who pops here and there, even in Polarion itself:

Polarion's Polar Bear mascot

The Polarion Polar Bear

But… our mascot species is endangered. We couldn’t just stand by and not make an effort. Obviously the folks at Coca Cola feel the same. So you have a choice:

  • Buy Coke’s cute bear, and they’ll donate profits to WWF. But you’ll have to go out looking for one.

  • Donate to WWF on our website and Polarion will match your donation dollar-for-dollar and send you some cool Polar bear goodies! You can do that right now, online!

Well, writing this post has made me thirsty…

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