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Today’s product line engineering demands that you compete and capitalize on opportunities – you must be able to innovate at unprecedented speeds while improving quality and managing a complex lifecycle of compliance and regulatory standards.You simply can not expect your system engineering teams to perform at this level using a point solution like DOORS designed before the browser was invented.

The first iteration of DOORS was launched in 2000.Despite receiving updates and changes over the years, the many limitations and huge operational expenses of DOORS legacy technology is causing DOORS users to seek replacement solutions.For this reason, IBM is proposing DOORS Next Generation (DOORS NG). Despite branding, NG is based on a completely different technology, which is divorced from previous versions of DOORS – and still is not sufficiently capable to handle today’s complex projects involving electrical, mechanical, and software engineering.

The solution to those currently using DOORS and wishing to modernize their Requirements Management capabilities is Polarion Software. Polarion has proven to be a viable, affordable, and low-risk solution for organizations searching to increase agility, innovation, collaboration, efficiencies, and competitiveness -especially in regulated industries, where electronic signatures, baseline comparisons, traceability, or data migration/linking are critical.

The top 10 reasons you should consider Polarion as an alternative to DOORS:

  • Leverage your existing DOORS requirement data on a modern, unified software platform

  • Enjoy patented LiveDoc™ functionality and “Easy-As-Word” authoring of requirements and real-time collaboration

  • Accelerate collaboration with 100% browser-based access and concurrent editing of specification documents

  • Easily import and parse existing Microsoft Office documents. Exportfor offline collaboration so changes made outside of Polarion can be imported back seamlessly

  • Built-in support for ReqIF data exchange enables lossless requirements and test case specifications exchange with customers and suppliers

  • Comprehensive bi-directional traceability makes audit and regulatory compliance easier implemented and guaranteed via automatic change control

  • Invite and require stakeholders to electronically sign the specification documents as reviewed or approved before released to production

  • Live Branches and Document Reuse let you manage commonalities in your products without copy and paste

  • Adopt modern agile techniques at once or incrementally with out of the box project templates that can be adjusted to your needs

  • Lower your costs of installation and maintenance

Polarion gives you the opportunity to take Requirements Management to the next level, by easily incorporating your workflows and processes into your software and product development, going beyond what DOORS is currently able to support.

As you and your organization consider a migration from DOORS, we’re available to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us so we can better assist you with a no obligation migration analysis.

You can also sign up for a free demo migration, presenting the full advantage of Polarion REQUIREMENTS.This demo will give you an idea how DOORS modules are converted, and you’ll have a fast, easy-to-use document editor available.

On behalf of Polarion Software, I invite you to join a growing list of companies that want to transition from DOORS to Polarion. We’d enjoy the opportunity to demonstrate why we’re a proven alternative and discuss ways to make a transition less disruptive.

Here is what Christian Posluschni, team leader of software development at Küster Automotive said (read full customer success story):

Polarion was significantly more affordable than the competing solution (DOORS).And it was simple to purchase: one single solution that covers everything.No costly integration of several different ‘products.’In fact, very little in the way of training and professional services were needed for the roll-out.

Final Thoughts

Implementing a good Requirements Management is critical to meet the challenges of today’s accelerated world. Polarion is the modern Requirements Management solution that you need.

Throughout the winter, we’ll post announcements for webinars, white papers, and other great assets we’re excited to share with you!

For your convenience, here is a webinar on demand:

Why Polarion is a Proven Alternative for Migration to IBM DOORS NG

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