Kick-Off 2013: Work, play, and the newest Polarion release

By JustineB

This February, employees, partners and guests gathered from all around the world to kick off the release of Polarion 2013. It was a pleasure to see everyone in one place, as the event reflected Polarion’s international presence, with partners from countries such as China, India, Japan, Brazil, and many more.

Hard work really does pay off. We’ve grown a lot so far, and it was exciting to hear our customers understand and recognize our values as equally valuable to their organizations. Customer speakers Christian Bucholdt (Credit Suisse), Reggie Burgess (Northrop Grumann), and Jim Mapel (Cyberonics) were present at the event.
We had a couple other guest presenters this year: testing guru Griffin Jones and Ovum analyst Michael Azoff. They each provided their professional perspectives on Polarion’s growth over the years, our company values, and Polarion’s bright future.

Our diligent employees and partners

Let’s not forget all of our Polarion employees and partners, whose efforts and determination made the Polarion 2013 release possible. During an intensive learning week, members of Polarion’s Technical and Sales/Marketing teams were split into two sessions, with separate presentations and activities to specifically train each group on how to help our customers.

Bonding in Prague

While the days were challenging and packed with learning, we made sure to squeeze in some fun during the evenings. Kick-Off was held in the beautiful city of Prague, and the entire group had the opportunity to bond during nighttime events, such as a sightseeing tour of Prague after dark. Attendees even had the chance to play some floorball, a popular sport in the Czech Republic.


It was truly exciting to have the opportunity to meet colleagues face-to-face, as most collaboration occurs remotely in different areas of the world. Before we knew it, Kick-Off was over, and attendees returned home with fresh insights, a wealth of new knowledge, and renewed enthusiasm that is sure to benefit customers old and new in the upcoming year.

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