How Agile Development and Compliance Can Live Together in the Enterprise

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Like many Polarion customers, medical device market leader NantHealth is the result of several companies merging to maximize strengths and synergies to better compete globally. These mergers resulted in multiple point tools and solutions vying for attention, budget, and control. Managers quickly realized that these process and information “silos” created significant disconnects and inefficiencies, constraining innovation and problem solving, introducing errors, and slowing time-to-market.

Photo: Todd HenryTodd Henry is the senior director of product development at NantHealth. He and his colleagues quickly understood that the new “combined” company needed to grow as one unified organization, accelerating delivery of high quality products, while maintaining constant compliance with FDA regulations. In their quest for a better way, Todd and his team found Polarion and discovered that Polarion solutions could take them further and faster than they had first imagined.

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The Proof Is in NantHealth’s Results

NantHealth purchased Polarion in January 2014. Several months later they were fully implemented and working with Polarion on a 24 x 7 basis. This was a tremendous accomplishment in light of the implementation and training required across multiple teams in multiple locations, and the massive amount of data that needed to be migrated/imported.
“When I think about the Polarion decision and implementation I know we are in such a better position. We know so much more about our processes, our compliance requirements, and our accountability.”

–Todd Henry

NantHealth Profile

Logo image: NantHealthNantHealth is an agile shop, practicing SCRUM, Kanban and other types of agile principles. In their FDA regulatory-driven environment, documentation, tracking of the design history file, accountability and digital signatures all are critical. Based on a thorough evaluation, NantHealth determined that Polarion ALM was the ideal enterprise solution for agile hardware and software teams, to consolidate processes and data from multiple point solutions and facilitate regulatory compliance.

Why Polarion?

NantHealth’s decision to partner with Polarion was largely motivated by the unique Polarion LiveDoc technology, which was easily embraced by all teams, plus the ability to drill down to a granular level on any artifact or work item at any point in the design history file.

The ease and power of Polarion’s customizable workflows proved a pleasant surprise and has emerged as the single most important benefit in terms of process approvals, gates, automation, reuse, reports, and analytics.

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How Agile Development and Compliance Can Live Together in the Enterprise

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