Happy Holidays: A Quick Look Back at 2015

By MichaelH1

Happy holidays!It has been an exciting 2015 at Polarion Software!We’ve strived to help you and your organization by providing insightful thought leadership about current and future innovations.

In this post, we’ll share recent assets ranging from customer success stories, on-demand webinars, white papers, and other valuable resources.Software has evolved into an integral part of product development, so our goal of educating customers is something we look forward to continue throughout 2016.

Customer Success Stories

NetSuite Customer Success StoryAfter evaluating over 30 test management software systems, NetSuite turned to Polarion QA to manage all of its testing needs with a single solution.

On-Demand Webinars

Internet of Things (IoT) and Good SoftwareStefano Rizzo, SVP Strategy at Polarion Software, was joined by Oleg Shilovitsky (Beyond PLM) to discuss how Polarion can help your teams create Good Software in the era of IoT.

Manage Your Requirements in Any Methodology: Agile, Traditional, or Hybrid – Discover an innovative and collaborative approach to managing your business requirements so you can improve your organization’s ability to reduce risk as well as how to improve your ability to manage traceability and audits more effectively by providing a clear line of sight for all changes.

Cybersecurity Risks to AvoidDeveloping medical devices for the Internet of Things (IoT) presents special challenges for hospitals, patients, and medical professionals.The integrity of user data and user safety has grown as the pace of adoption of these new technologies quickens.

How Agile Development & Compliance Can Live Together in the EnterpriseGartner’s Research Director, Nathan Wilson, and NantHealth’s Senior Director of Product Engineering, Todd Henry, discuss today’s development and compliance ecosystem and why NantHealth chose Polarion for its Medical Device development needs.

7 Agile Best Practices for BAsIndustry best practices have shown that the key to successfully managing the complexity of today’s development lifecycle is to empower all stakeholders with access to information and functionality they need in their role real-time.

White Papers

Testing the Internet of Things” – A discussion of the key software challenges when dealing with Internet of Things (IoT)-based products and how best practices leveraging Test Management software can mitigate many of the issues with connected devices.

IoT and I4.0 PredictionsEight key predictions about the evolution of supporting technologies that will power IoT and I4.0 to become a reality.

We’re always interested in hearing from you.If you have additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact your Polarion Sales or Service representative.You can also contact us by clicking here.

On behalf of Polarion Software, we hope you have a Merry Christmas, and look forward to working with you in 2016!

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