Great session on Practical Regulatory Compliant Software Testing (16 Aug)

By struykR

Last Thursday, we held a webinar that featured three guest speakers and industry thought leaders. Speakers Griffin Jones, Karen N. Johnson, and John McConda shared several of their own learning experiences and stories about testing and regulatory compliance.

The majority of the session consisted of a roundtable discussion around topics that included:

  • Pros and cons of pre-written test cases

  • Auditing- Waterfall vs. Agile

  • The difference between checking and testing

The event concluded with discussing where Polarion QA fits in and how it can help with your testing needs. What was also great about the session was that the group discussion extended to the audience.The speakers spent a lot of time thoroughly addressing the questions that viewers asked and interacted with the audience throughout the entire event.

Highlights from the webinar:

  • Often we focus too much on auditors’ requirements and too little on testing the quality of products

  • It’s more important to test to make sure that the product will not harm or kill someone

  • Test automation needs to have an ROI to determine if it is cost effective, which does not necessarily always make sense

  • There is a significant difference between checking and testing, where testers typically know the difference but software vendors do not necessarily differentiate

Griffin Jones

  • “Auditors do not care about what process you use; their mandate is to make sure you have compliance.”

  • “When doing testing, balance can get out of whack by not being able to explain it well.”

Karen N. Johnson

  • “When testing a test script, all it does is prove that you executed the test script.”

  • “Focused on passing the audit rather than testing the product…”

  • “The problem with scripts is that scripts separate thinking from the testing.”

John McConda

  • “First, you need to think of an automation strategy without regulations to determine your return on investment.”

Couldn’t attend the event?Or want to see it again?

You can watch the full recorded webinar on “Practical Regulatory Compliant Software Testing” anytime and at no cost!

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