Current Tech Trends: Connected Products Changing Industrial Landscape

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The Internet of Things (IoT) brings connectivity to a wide range of new products, as software disrupts our personal and professional lives.

Good software quality is increasingly important, and has become a critical component for IoT-based solutions. Much of the attention surrounds consumer-based IoT products, but there are growing trends spurring innovation in Industry 4.0 (I4.0) products. As these products get smarter, product development complexity is increasing at a dizzying pace.

Organizations must show appreciation for end-to-end test management in their hunt to deliver new value-added products and features. Software development cycles are faster – with more frantic projects – and your organization must be ready to support short and rapid development sprints.

Smart technology offers great potential, though there are occasions where we get smacked back to reality.

Petnet, a company specializing in smart pet feeders, had problems due to a “third party server,” so automatic and remote pet feedings were interrupted. In the past, smart thermostats and smart meters malfunctioned, causing temporary loss of service, and other critical disruptions.

Consumers are worried about cybersecurity, data theft, loss of privacy, and other problems that are emerging. To successfully develop stable and secure connected products, software quality must be managed effectively while at the same time ensuring value and delivery aren’t compromised.

Even though the current landscape appears muddied, choosing a unified ALM solution will prove beneficial. To learn more about the hunt for “good software” in the age of IoT and I4.0, please feel free to click here and view a recorded on-demand webinar.

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