A closer look at Polarion and Xcelerator Share (Video)

If you read the Polarion 21R2 blog post you will have seen we released a new capability in Polarion that allows customers to share Live documents to the new Siemens Xcelerator share service through the use of Word export. This allows customers to collaborate easily with other stakeholders through a controlled system rather than using other methods such as email attachments.

Stakeholders can update the shared document based on different control profiles and then those changes can be intern roundtripped back to Polarion.

There is also a new section in the Document Properties sidebar named Xcelerator Share, with the target project name that provides several actions to facilitate shortcuts for Xcelerator Share file manipulation – Import Changes Import changes, Reshare Document Reshare document, and Delete Share Delete shared file:

Overview and Deep Dive videos

Here is a short video providing a overview of Polarion with Xcelerator Share

Here is a deep dive video showing Polarion with Xcelerator Share

Xcelerator Share also integrates with many other Siemens Digital Industries Software Products and provides an easy-to-use collaboration portal. The Polarion Xcelerator share integration requires specific licensing, so please check with your local Siemens account representative for more details.

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