7 Steps to Embracing Enterprise Agile

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There is tough competition in the enterprise business world, as developers need to constantly create innovative software. The ability to embrace Enterprise Agile helps your team deliver better software – and at a much faster pace. Choosing Enterprise Agile provides: “the opportunity to finally have the full benefit of Agile adoption and forget all, or at least some, of the delusions they had with Agile on the team level.” Successful adoption is a difficult task, however, and there is plenty of room for improvement.

To help discuss some of the challenges related to Enterprise Agile adoption, Polarion recently published a new white paper: “7 Lessons Learned in Agile That We Should Not Forget When Moving into Enterprise Agile.” To view the white paper, please click the following banner:

In the white paper, read as we go into some of the hard lessons that people learn as they try to embrace agile. Click the following banner to get more details about five recommendations into enterprise agile:

  1. Challenge your decision to move to Enterprise Agile

  2. If you think that your organization is not suited for team/project agile, then it won’t be suited for Enterprise Agile

  3. Don’t think Enterprise Agile is bureaucracy

  4. Use an incremental approach

  5. Last but not least: use the right tool

Adopting Enterprise Agile can be a difficult challenge, but Polarion Software is available to help make increasingly complex processes easier. Achieving speed and compliance is especially difficult for organizations complying with federal regulations, such as ISO 26262, IEC 62304, FDA 21 CFR Part 820, or more.

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