3D Printing: An Open Source Revolution for Hardware?

By entinn

Everybody is talking about 3D-printing and 3D-printers as a revolution; one which could change our lives dramatically. What does the 3D revolution mean for industry? For large enterprises and for small companies?

3D-Printers have already entered 21st century life. How are those of us in software development likely to feel its impact?
3D Printing: An Open Source Revolution for Hardware?

Polarion Software follows the extremely exciting development of 3D-printing, and our products offer unbeatable opportunity for new technologies to be incorporated into the development cycle in a PALM environment. I would like to invite you to learn more about the 3D printing revolution, and its potential to affect the way we design and develop products, in my new eBook “3D Printing: An Open Source Revolution for Hardware?”

In this free eBook, I explore such ideas as:

  • How 3D printing further merges software development and hardware development

  • Agile Hardware Development – a new concept that’s already upon us

  • Open Source Hardware Development: is this where 3D printing could be taking us?

3D printing truly has the potential to change our future. What are your thoughts?

Editor’s Note: Nick Entin is Vice President of R&D at Polarion Software. Photo credit: Flickr/Creative Tools

Free eBook: 3D Printing: open source hardware (Polarion)

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