Discussing drones

Are drones helping to deliver lower carbon emissions? (Episode 8)

In this episode, we try to answer the question, are drones helping to deliver lower carbon emissions?

AI Spectrum – Simplifying Simulation with AI Technology Part 1

Simulation of digital models has completely transformed the product development process. However, it can be a time-consuming and expensive venture…

Thought Leadership Digital Innovation

Thought Leadership showcases digital innovation

What is the future of innovative technologies in the manufacturing industry? Siemens is on the pulse of groundbreaking innovations. In…

Smart manufacturing and CLM

Smart manufacturing and uncovering Closed-Loop Manufacturing (CLM) – ep. 3

An unstable supply chain and an increase in the customers’ need for custom products are some of the biggest challenges…

Digitalization and the future of vehicle performance engineering

Digitalization and the future of vehicle performance engineering (Episode 7)

What is the future of the digital twin in automotive? How to accelerate product design and get it right the…

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence … how does it work for simulation?

We explore the role of machine learning for simulation engineers, learning the key benefits and how you can adopt the methodology.

Smart Manufacturing and IT/OT Convergence

Smart manufacturing and the convergence of IT and OT in digitalization – ep. 2

A key benefit of digitalizing the factory floor is the elimination of data silos. It provides an opportunity for companies…

Manufacturing in a new automotive landscape

The automotive industry is being reshaped faster than ever before. Technology advancements are transforming our means of transportation from into…

Printed gas turbine blade for energy generation

Adopting AM for the energy sector (ep. 5)

Additive manufacturing has the ability to remove many of the supply chain bottlenecks faced by companies in the energy industry….