The Real Green Revolution of Silicon from JPM Silicon

By Linh Nguyen

Startup entrepreneurs share a lot in common. Sure, there’s a general road map for starting a business, but then there are the countless other factors that decide to show up along the way. Figuring out how and whom to hire, determining the best way to raise capital, managing a growing team, the list goes on. 

Today’s guest is no exception to the entrepreneurial learning curve. He got his first patent back in 2007 for making silicon using microwave heating. When the company he was working with at the time offered him a more serious job, he recognized that what he was doing was important enough to go out on his own. Start from that point, JP found JPM Silicon with a passion for bringing silicon’s real green revolution. He and his team have put on different hats every day to turn the idea into a reality and successfully introduce it to the market.

Today we are talking with JP Mai, Founder, and CEO of JPM Silicon. His company has the admirable goal of producing carbon-neutral silicon used to power up solar cells. We’ll hear about how he first got interested in the technology and why carbon neutrality is important. JP also provides some sage advice based on his experiences of starting his company: his journey from an initial patent in 2007 to the founding of his company, how to manage the funding and building the team, and what tools have supported him in turning the idea into reality. JP turns our conversation into an insightful podcast about his tips and experiences in doing business in another country. If you your startup’s target is a global market then this is the podcast to listen to.

Siemens Startups Program: from idea to market leader with the right tools

Listen to this episode of Startups: Digitalization to Realization to learn more about the innovation concept, JP’s advice for startups, and the role that Siemens played in helping JPM Silicon to bring in the real green revolution of silicon.

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Guest: Jan-Philipp (JP) Mai - CEO & Founder of JPM Silicon®

Guest: Jan-Philipp (JP) Mai – CEO & Founder of JPM Silicon®

Jan-Philipp (JP) is a producer of carbon-neutral silicon. He holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Braunschweig (Germany) and has an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management. He is a serial entrepreneur with a decade of experience in technology-driven hardware start-ups.

Connect with Jan-Philipp (JP) Mai on: LinkedIn

Host: John Fox: Vice President of Marketing, Mainstream Engineering, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Host: John Fox: Vice President of Marketing, Mainstream Engineering, Siemens Digital Industries Software

John Fox is Vice President of Marketing at Siemens Digital Industries Software.  With previous roles at PTC and Accenture, he has more than 20 years of experience helping companies of all sizes—including startups—develop better products faster and more efficiently with the help of technology. John has a master’s degree in business administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania

Connect with John Fox on; LinkedIn and Twitter

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