Sustainability in Space with bluShift Aerospace

By Pioneers Production Team

If you’re like many outside the launch industry, the concept of a company that is pushing aerospace boundaries by developing the world’s first commercial rocket powered by carbon-neutral biofuel might sound a bit strange. After all, a major criticism of the space industry is it’s prodigious use of resources.

Today, we’re joined by David Hayrikyan, the Chief Technology Officer at bluShift Aerospace, a US-based startup company in Brunswick, Maine. bluShift Aerospace is a sustainable space launch service provider, offering dedicated, small ‘taxi-ride’ Space Launch Services, catering to the quickly growing market of sending nano-satellites and micro-satellites into space

In this episode, you will get a captivating glimpse into the world of space exploration, innovation, and sustainability with bluShift Aerospace. You will also get to hear in-depth about bluShift’s unique rocket technology, the use of carbon-neutral biofuels, and their plans for launching from Maine. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Space exploration and bluShift’s mission to reach the stars. (3:43)
  • Space technology and rocket development. (8:38)
  • Carbon-neutral biofuel for rocket launches in Maine. (15:30)
  • Using Siemens NX for rocket design and simulation. (21:30)
  • Advice for both aspiring entrepreneurs and those interested in joining startup companies. (26:51)

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Guest: David Hayrikyan

Guest: David Hayrikyan

David manages bluShift Aerospace’s efforts to achieve the first commercial launch of a bio-derived-fuel-powered rocket. With an extensive background in mechanical and manufacturing engineering, he contributed to the design and implementation of cutting-edge technology at bluShift, and is spearheading the commercialization plan that is targeting 40+ orbital and suborbital launches per year. His efforts at bluShift extend to strategic hiring, technology procurement, and regulatory compliance (e.g.  ITAR, CFR450). Prior to his current role, Hayrikyan’s tenure at bluShift included hardware design and manufacturing processes, leveraging CAD/CAM/CAE tools including generative design. His previous experience as a founder and technical lead at MACABItech, and positions at Magellan Aerospace and A&A industries, reflect a robust career developing products for aerospace and related sectors, including SpaceX, ASML, Rolls Royce, GE, and numerous start-ups. David is a graduate of Boston University (BSc in Mechanical Engineering 2009). 

Host: Kevin Blevins

Host: Kevin Blevins

Kevin Blevins is the Portfolio Development Executive for SMB and Startup Companies and manages the Siemens Digital Industries Software Startup Program. He works with the Siemens sales organizations as well as Siemens Partners to engage and evangelize the Siemens Startup Program in the Americas. Kevin has spent more than 35 years in the Engineering and Manufacturing software industry. Prior to this he spent seven years in the automotive design industry. Kevin has been with Siemens for 33 years. During this time, he has held positions in Technical Support, Technical Sales Support Leadership, Sales Director for the Automotive Region, Partner Sales Executive, and his current position. Kevin has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology from Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI.

Founded in March of 2014, bluShift Aerospace is an American aerospace firm based in Brunswick, Maine. Targeting the growing SmallSat and CubeSat launch markets, bluShift is developing suborbital sounding rockets and small-lift orbital rockets which will be launched from a proposed new private spaceport in Steuben, Maine. Since its inception, bluShift has been focused on utilizing a domestically sourced, storable, and nontoxic biofuel to power its rocket motors. The company has received funding from the SBIR program through the DAF (D2P2) and NASA (Phase I), the National Science Foundations I-Corps grant program, the Maine Technology Institute, and the Maine Space Grant Consortium. bluShift’s HQ, testing and manufacturing operations take place at the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. Learn more about bluShift here.

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