BONUS: ECAD-MCAD collaboration | Episode 10

By Stephen Chavez

Manufacturers are looking to minimize the cost of production, the time to market, and the number of respins for their PCBs. While introducing powerful design and testing tools makes a real difference, they aren’t as successful in silos. To properly harness the power of the latest technology, manufacturers have to be intentional with ECAD-MCAD collaboration.

I’m your host, Steph Chavez, a Senior Product Marketing Manager with Siemens. I’m glad to be joined by David Walker, Senior Technical Software Product Manager at Siemens, responsible for defining the direction of the Siemens NX software. And Greg Arnot, Product Marketing Manager Siemens NX. They’ll help us understand the current state of ECAD-MCAD collaboration.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the current trends happening in the electronic design field. You’ll also learn about what ECAD-MCAD collaboration entails and the benefits that it offers manufacturers. Additionally, you’ll learn about the consequences of not implementing collaboration between these two important teams.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The most important trend in electronic design (02:45)
  • The meaning of ECAD-MCAD collaboration (11:34)
  • Signs that ECAD-MCAD collaboration can be improved (15:51)
  • What is needed for successful ECAD-MCAD collaboration (18:08)
Greg Arnot

Greg Arnot

Product Marketing Manager, Siemens

Dave Walker

Dave Walker

Senior Technical Product Manager, Siemens

Steph Chavez

Steph Chavez

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Siemens

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