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Engineering Students Discuss Broadening One’s Horizons

As technology continues to rapidly advance, it is now more important than ever for aspiring engineers to broaden their horizons….

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Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academia

What first comes to mind when you hear “experiential learning?” In what fundamental ways does this kind of learning differ…

Preparing Tomorrow’s Engineers

Becoming more powerful everyday, engineering concepts and their respective masters are dealt with a challenge to maintain strict ethical standards….

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Finding the Magic in Aerospace for the Next Generation

Join our podcast to immerse yourself in an environment of innovation and exploration. Hear from experienced leaders on how they…

innovation in the classroom podcast

A Promising Venture: The Leoni and the University of Sonora Partnership

On this insightful episode of Innovation in the Classroom, join host Jennifer Bradford and her guests, Adrián Aello of Leoni…

innovation in the classroom podcast

Getting the Classroom Ready to Face Industry 4.0’s Challenges

Who are the orchestrators behind STEM curriculum accreditation within post-secondary education? How do they help the emerging workforce prepare for the…

innovation in the classroom podcast

Everything New Under the Sun

Researchers, scientists, engineers, and other professionals work daily to innovate vehicles moved by green, renewable energy. The Agoria Solar Team…

A Collaborative Approach to Engineering with Digital Twins

Putting the digital twin at the heart of STEM education gives students the opportunity to try new ideas and put…

Interns Inspiring Innovation with Susanne Barnsteiner

How do you combine your passions into a career? How do you make sure you get the experience you need…